Arkham’s Finest by Modern Brewery

I’m continuing my exploration of the St. Louis stout scene with a brewery that got it’s start at Harvard of all places. Modern Brewery, labeled Beer Fusion, is nestled in kind of a weird locale on Manchester next to Kuva Coffee Roasters. The taproom is actually the last building in what looks like a miniature […]

Cat Spit Stout by 2nd Shift Brewing

I absolutely love learning about the history of craft brewers. Some of the stories are so inspiring I almost feel compelled to go out and get a home brew kit and start creating my own…almost. If it wasn’t for the fact that I suck at the brewing process and enjoy drinking beer way more than […]

Dry Porter by Earthbound Brewing

Earthbound Brewing from St. Louis, MO, is a unique brewery on Cherokee St. They are known for using unusual ingredients in their beers, like the Tai Basil IPA and Pecan Chicory Stout. However, their Dry Porter is not very unusual, but it’s still extremely drinkable. This beer is thin but flavorful. ABV is low at […]