Peanut Butter and Jelly Brown Ale by Bay Cannon Beer Company

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m working for Bay Cannon Beer Company in Tampa (specifically West Tampa). So, full disclaimer, even though I do work for this brewery,  I’m not being paid nor have I been asked to write this. These opinions are simply my own. I think I’ll go into the specifics of the brewery in later posts, but for now, let’s just throw down this brown ale and see how it tastes. So, without further ado, let’s crack this open!

I chronicled another PB & J Brown Ale several months ago by Funky Buddha, called No Crusts. I didn’t hate that brown ale, but I didn’t love it either. It was definitely a better beer before they bottled it. So how does Bay Cannon’s version stack up?

PB & J Brown AleAs you can see from the pic, I’ve decided to eat a PB & J sandwich with this beer, not just for dramatic effect, but because I’m curious to see how it will taste.

Bay Cannon’s PB & J Brown Ale pours dark brown (duh!), or a dark, ruby red when displayed in the light. It displays a nice fluffy off-white head that slowly dissipates to a slight ring around the inside of the Willi Becher pub glass.

The base of this beer is Bay Cannon’s American Brown Ale, which is very nutty on the nose and palate. That comes through on the aroma of the PB & J Brown Ale, as well, with a mixture of bread and grape jelly notes. It makes my mouth water just smelling this beer.

It clocks in at 7% ABV and has a medium- to full-bodied mouthfeel. Yes, friends, I’m killing this crowler all by myself, and I’m starting to feel it during my second glass. Is it warm in here? Or is it just me? 😀

This is a very sweet brown ale. There’s a lot of grape jelly flavor, which I’m a HUGE fan of, and bread. That’s a fantastic touch! In these type of beers, usually there’s a load of peanut butter on the nose or on the palate and some slight sweetness of jelly. Instead we have a ton of grape jelly, a nice bready bitterness and slight nuttiness. That’s the trifecta, people! This is a sandwich in a glass! The nuttiness is mostly on the back end, where that bitterness resides. The peanut butter is subtle and compliments the other flavors well.

I absolutely adore this brown ale. I keep telling myself it needs more peanut butter, but I’ve already nearly finished off this crowler and the sandwich has vanished. I never have any issues finishing this beer, so maybe it doesn’t need any improvements after all. Having the sandwich with this beer was a good call. I really enjoyed how the sandwich flavors melded together with the beer and brought out a bit more bready bitterness and accentuated the nuttiness on the back end. The grape jelly is simply a marvel in this beer. It perfectly ties the beer together and is the crown jewel in this concoction.

As of this writing, the brewery is a short eight weeks old. There are so many good beers in this brewery’s future, and I’m so stoked to be a part of it. The American Brown Ale and the PB & J Brown Ale have been on tap for just a short time, but once they’re gone it may be a while before they come back on tap. Bay Cannon doesn’t do core beers, so the taplist is always evolving. So, head down to West Tampa and check out Bay Cannon Beer Company. The space is amazing, and the beer is every bit as good. Cheers!

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  7%
  • IBU:  n/a
  • Untappd Rating:  3.68
  • # of Ratings:  11

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