Terminal Descent by Adroit Theory Brewing

My next Adroit Theory beer is a collab with Fratello Cigars. Terminal Descent doesn’t have the usual artwork from Adroit Theory, but instead, this bottle has a classy look instead of the cool, heavy metal-inspired imagery they have on most of their bottles.

So, after tasting Dia De Los Muertos, I had to have more from Adroit Theory. This beer came up on my Tavour feed, and I immediately ordered a bottle. So, let’s check this one out.

img_2139The label on the bottle proclaims:  “Adroit Theory and Fratello Cigars united efforts to create the perfect beer and cigar pairing. In your hands is the result of that collaboration. A robust Russian Imperial Stout to pair with the Fratello Bianco IV. Enjoy both tonight.”

I’m not into cigars, but I am into stouts. The bottle also says to drink this beer between 54- and 58-degrees so I’m letting it warm a bit. It was bottled on April 10, 2019, and today I’m drinking it on May 15th. So almost a month later.

img_2140Terminal Descent pours black with a thick caramel-colored head. Once the head dissipates, swirling the beer in the tulip reinvigorates the thick, frothy head. Aroma is dark fruit, molasses and a hint of dark chocolate.

Adroit Theory has nailed the Russian Imperial Stout style. I can see why they would recommend pairing this beer with cigars. It’s a fairly bitter stout. It’s oily when you swirl it in the glass. It’s thick and viscous on the tongue. It’s very bitter up front and on the back end. There’s a hint of dark chocolate, more like baker’s chocolate, in the middle. There’s no sweetness here. This beer is a bitter monster. It would pair perfectly with cigars. It almost leaves that after taste of extreme coffee bitterness, or even more so, the after taste of ashes.

This is a Russian Imperial I could see Cigar City making. It’s very similar to Marshal Zhukov’s. Hmmm, interesting stuff. I have a couple bottles of hazy DIPA from Adroit Theory that I’m interested in trying. Follow me on Untappd to find out what I thought of them.

Adroit Theory is a nano brewery out of Purcellville, Virginia. I’d love to get some of the variants of these stouts. They look unbelievable. Cheers!

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  12%
  • IBU:  50
  • Untappd Rating:  4.09
  • # of Ratings:  245

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