Multilayered by Angry Chair Brewing

I love sweet stouts. But can a stout be too sweet? Is it even beer at that point? The allure of craft beer was originally flavor, the bitterness, the hops. It was something different than the same ole same ole from the big macro breweries like Budweiser. I remember drinking a Newcastle and thinking I was breaking away from the norm, shunning the ways of Budweiser for something more eccentric. Ha! Newcastle is made by John Smith’s, a macro brewery in North Yorkshire, England…way to break those chains!

So now breweries like Angry Chair are more known for their extreme sweet stouts than anything else and are constantly pushing the envelope for flavor and sweetness. This beer was acquired in a trade, which is nice since apparently it was a silent release that I missed out on.

Multilayered pours like ink in a glass with a one finger dark tan head that dissipates to a thin ring on the inside of the snifter. Swirling the beer in the glass reinvigorates the carbonation to recreate a nice foamy head. When you swirl the beer it leaves a sticky brown film on the side of the glass. This beer is heavy. You can just tell. Damn.

2019-03-08-2Aroma is weird. It’s very earthy, grainy. Hmmm…Angry Chair calls this beer, “In collaboration with Edmond’s Oast Brewing, Evil Twin Brewing, & Westbrook Brewing… Multilayered. 4 Layers. 4 Breweries. Cacoa, Caramel, Coffee, & Lactose.” That’s it.

As it warms this beer starts to bring out some aromas that are a little sweeter. There’s a bit of caramel in there now. Let’s sample it and see how it tastes.

Multilayered is straight sugar. Holy hell, it’s “diabeetus” in a glass. There’s a ton of brown sugar up front and coffee on the back end. I don’t get much caramel, but perhaps that’s part of the straight up sugar I’m tasting. This bottle begs to be shared. At this ABV, there’s a good chance I’ll be crocked if I drink it all on my own, or go into a sugar coma.

So, after about three fantastic IPA’s, a Triptych stout and 17, this beer may be a bit too much. Ha! Loads of sweetness on this. Other than Insulin Resistance or Simple Math, this may be the sweetest stout I’ve had from Angry Chair. I like their stouts a lot, but I think they’ve crossed the line on this one.  Is that a thing? I don’t know, but Multilayered has not only stepped across that line but ran over the person who drew the line in the first place with a Mack truck. Wowzer!


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  13%
  • IBU:  n/a
  • Untappd Rating:  4.31
  • # of Ratings:  909

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