Because, Stout 05 by Triptych Brewing

Because, Stout 05 is “A strong stout featuring Papua New Guinea Coffee from Mad Goat Coffee in Danville, Illinois.” So, let’s see how this beer holds up. It pours coffee black (see what I did there?) with not much head at hall. Swirling the beer in the glass does nothing to recreate the carbonation. When pouring this beer, it didn’t look very dark, not like the “ink in the glass” stouts I’ve had, like Sump from Perennial. Sump is probably one of the best coffee stouts I’ve ever had, and is the standard from which I judge my coffee stouts. So let’s check this one out from Triptych.

IMG_1727Aroma is muted. I expected it to be heavy on coffee, but it’s mild. There’s a slight coffee aroma here but nothing over powering. It smells like Sump, just not as powerful on the nose. You can tell there’s a slight coffee roast bitterness there, and I love GOOD coffee so I’m pretty jacked now.

Because, Stout 05 is full of coffee on the palate, as expected for a coffee stout. Loads of roasted coffee on the tongue, finishing with a magical coffee bite. It’s a full-bodied beer, even though it didn’t appear to be when it was poured. It’s thick, much like Sump, and chewy. Holding the beer in my mouth and sloshing it around really brings out the flavors of coffee on this one. There’s a ton of coffee, yes, but there’s a sweetness here that is hidden, subtle.

What I’ve noticed, is that Because, Stout 05 shares a similar base to Because, Stout 04. At least, to me. In fact, the only other stout I had from Triptych, Remembering Camp Waconda, was also very similar. So, that makes me wonder, and I could be off base here, but it seems all these stouts share the same base, only the adjuncts are different. Makes sense because of the beer names. However, this is a solid coffee stout and very similar to Sump, which is a huge compliment for Triptych. But, Stout 05 also has similarities with Stout 04, which was a cherry stout. See the interesting dilemma?

Triptych is doing great things in Savoy, IL, and I’m a fan of their beers. Their hazy IPA’s are just behind Calusa, as far as I’m concerned. These stouts are good, but I do think I’d like a little variety from the base taste, I guess. I have another in the pipeline…you guessed it: Because, Stout 06, a chocolate stout. I’ll be excited to see how it turns out. Stay tuned.


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  10.7%
  • IBU:  n/a
  • Untappd Rating:  4.17
  • # of Ratings:  368

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