Death Roll by Red Cypress Brewery

I’m going to be writing about several local beers from breweries I haven’t experienced. This is the 2nd in that series of what I like to call “Shelfies.” All of these beers can be found locally on the shelves of liquor stores like ABC Fine Wine & Spirits or Total Wine & More. Recently, I rolled into Total Wine on a different mission and decided to pick up a mix-a-six of local dark beers.

Red Cypress is located in Winter Springs, FL, which is northeast of Orlando. I’ve had Death Roll before at the 2019 Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival at the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, FL. I apparently liked it but, to be honest, I don’t remember it. Besides it was a two ounce pour and what can really be determined in that small of a pour? So, I got a 12 ounce can to properly imbibe and discuss.

Red Cypress has been open since October 2015 and are proud UCF alumni. There appears to be a nice craft beer scene (do we really need to keep calling it “craft” beer? Can we just call it beer?) in Orlando. It’s only an hour from me so…hmmm…

If you check out their web site (link below), you’ll see Red Cypress has a sense of humor. Very nice. Here’s their commercial description of Death Roll:

“Like plunging helplessly into murky Everglade waters, Death Roll’s chewy body and creamy, chocolate malt profile will seize your taste buds and take you for a ride you’ll never forget.”

Death Roll pours dark, like opaque Coca-Cola in the glass with a thick tan head consisting of a plethora of uneven bubbles. So nice!

img_1703It has bold aromas of coffee and baker’s chocolate. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was a Russian Imperial Stout. Keep in mind I’m drinking this during Tampa Bay Beer Week and this particular beer was canned on December 14, 2018. So it’s been nearly three months (come on Total Wine!). However, I’m a fan of this aroma. It’s bold and in your face. It’s announcing its bitterness with authority. The label says it’s a milk stout brewed with lactose, which is interesting. The lactose gives it a bit of body.

Red Cypress delivers a thick, oily, viscous stout that bombards you with coffee bitterness up front with a wash of dark chocolate. Oh man, I do love a sweet stout, but this bitter beast has struck a chord with me. I seriously don’t remember this beer at the MBCP Fest. But let’s be honest, I drank a lot and everything tasted good after a while. 🙂 But Death Roll is perfect for a rainy day like today, where the temps dipped below 70.  I know, I know…you don’t feel sorry for me. I’m OK with that. 

Beer drinking is all subjective. I know what I like and what I don’t. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a certain beer so I could possible not enjoy something because I’m simply not in the mood. Apparently, this beer is exactly what I needed today. It’s low ABV (for me!), yet thick and milky. It tastes strong but the IBU’s are low. Go figure. Now, thanks to Death Roll, I’ve added another brewery to a long list of venues I need to visit.


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  6%
  • IBU:  17
  • Untappd Rating:  3.91
  • # of Ratings:  4,995

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