Chocolate Covered Orange by Late Start Brewing

It was a little crazy in downtown Tampa today thanks to the Gasparilla Parade. This was our first Gasparilla experience, but we didn’t really “experience” anything. We just wanted to avoid traffic and get to the Pour House. As I mentioned in an earlier post, The Pour House is a bar in the Channel District of downtown Tampa. What makes this place unique is that it also houses a coffee shop, Ginger Beard Coffee, and a brewery, Late Start.

My wife and I came down to not only get some coffee but to hang out at The Pour House in the aftermath of Gasparilla. When we got there this beer was on tap. Generally, I’m not a fan of chocolate and orange as a pairing. Those two things just don’t seem to go together. But since it’s a stout, I had to try it. Funny story…when I ordered this beer, a guy at the bar said, “Good luck with that!” He was alluding to the high ABV of this beer. I laughed. I’m no rookie, dude.

img_1340Chocolate Covered Orange pours liquid night with little to no dark caramel head. It’s beautiful to look at. Swirling beer in the glass doesn’t really reactivate the carbonation so it doesn’t get much of a head.

Aroma is chocolate and dark fruit, which is interesting considering the name of this beer. Let’s drink this and see how it goes down.

This beer is a full-bodied stout. It’s thick like motor oil. There’s sweet chocolate on the tongue at first, and it finishes with a hint of citrus. Getter that orange sweetness to balance with the chocolate is extremely difficult, but Late Start has pulled it off. I’ve had a few chocolate stouts with oranges in my time, and this is by far the best of the lot. Most have trouble mixing the two flavors, but Late Start has perfectly paired these two. The combination works really well here, which is surprising.

This is another stellar stout from Late Start. I’m really impressed with what these guys are doing. I have a bottle of a Russian Imperial Stout from Late Start called Nonsense up next and I’m super jacked about that one. Stay tuned.


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  11%
  • Untappd Rating:  4.26
  • # of Ratings:  45

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