Morning Wood by Funky Buddha Brewing

Even though I’m only writing about this one beer, my wife and I are currently drinking three, as you can see from the pic below. Why? Well, to do this right I need to explain the “family tree” of this beer.

Morning Wood begins as Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (MBCP), a nice 6.4% porter brewed with coffee and maple syrup. It’s one of my wife’s favorite beers. Funky Buddha then ups the ante a bit and brews Wide Awake It’s Morning, the imperial version of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, clocking in at 9.5%. It’s thicker than MBCP and obviously heavier since the ABV is higher. I also thought it had more smoke than its little brother. Funky Buddha says Wide Awake It’s Morning is just “more everything.” 🙂 Then the brewers at Funky Buddha take Wide Awake Its Morning and put it in bourbon barrels. Voila! We have wood…Morning Wood.

IMG_1309Morning Wood pours coffee black with a caramel head that dissipates to a nice dark tan ring around the inside edge of the glass. Aroma is maple, vanilla, and hints of the barrel. Damn I love how this beer smells.

This is a thick, full-bodied beer. It’s very coffee-forward with a load of sweetness on the back end. There’s maple, vanilla, and the barrel sweetness–which is the patented Funky Buddha barrel-aging taste. The barrel perfectly accentuates this beer. Of the three beers pictured here, this is easily my favorite. Funky Buddha does it again. Not many breweries handle barrel aging like them, and there’s a reason. They know what they’re doing. This beer is amazing. All the flavors are compounded here yet show up individually. Perfect!

My wife and I had a blast this year at the MBCP Festival. We drank these a few days after we went. We were able to sample more beers from visiting breweries this year because we’d had most of the Funky Buddha beers before. We still had a few, of course, but this allowed us to enjoy (or not) the others a bit more this time around. Seek out the Living Barrel series of beers from Funky Buddha. Most of them are top notch.


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  11%
  • IBU:  45
  • Untappd Rating:  4.53
  • # of Ratings:  16,682

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