Sump Coffee Stout (Ethiopian Roba) by Perennial Artisan Ales

If there’s a downside to living in sunny Florida, it’s that I miss those weekends my wife and I would spend at Perennial drinking their fantastic stouts on tap. Before I made the big move, my buddy Niles and I made the trek to Perennial for Sump week. We were able to snag a few bottles of this year’s variant of Sump Coffee Stout.

The 2018 variant of Sump uses the Ethiopian Roba coffee beans from Sump Coffee (hence the name). Perennial makes amazing stouts and the 2018 version of Sump is fantastic, however, I felt that the variant is better. So, let’s crack it open and give it a taste…

IMG_1342Sump (Ethiopian Roba) pours pitch black, opaque coffee brown, liquid night…hell, any description you can think of that can describe ink in a glass, then that’s what this beer is like. It sports a dark caramel head that leaves a nice dark ring around the inside edge of the glass. Swirling the beer in the glass reignites the carbonation momentarily. It also leaves a nice dark film on the glass as you swirl it. This beer just looks heavy.

img_1343Sump (Ethiopian Roba) is full on coffee on the nose, as it should be. There’s some subtle notes of dark chocolate there as well. I’ve had the coffee from Sump that Perennial used in this beer, so let’s see how that translated to beer form.

img_1345Ethiopian Roba coffee beans from Sump are described as having the following flavors: melon, candied citrus, sweet. I can vouch for the coffee being just that. The citrus and sweetness are subtle and mostly on the backend of the coffee. Perennial’s Sump (Ethiopian Roba) is a full-bodied monster, thick and viscous. This is how I LOVE my stouts. Thick!!! Sump is sweet on the tongue at first. There’s a ton of chocolate up front and then a slight fruity/citrus sweetness before the massive wave of coffee drowns the back end. While the regular version of Sump is straight up coffee goodness, the variant does indeed have that sweetness the beans are known to have. To me, this makes the beer stand out. Damn, it’s so good. Perhaps someone at Perennial would be so kind and trade me some bottles when Sump is released again later this year! Cheers!

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  11.5%
  • Untappd Rating:  4.45
  • # of Ratings:  788

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