Last Buffalo in the Park by Funky Buddha Brewing

Last Buffalo in the Park is the barrel aged version of Last Snow by Funky Buddha. I’m not sure what bourbon barrels this beer is aged in, only that it’s aged in, well, bourbon barrels. Funky Buddha describes Last Buffalo in the Park as “the Imperial version of Last Snow porter is a rich, thick, decadent treat. Pitch black and viscous, it’s made with coconut and fresh roasted coffee. We then age it in Bourbon barrels for months to accentuate the vanilla and coconut notes.”

This BA porter pours coffee black with a nice, thick tan head that lingers in the glass. The head hangs around long after the beer is poured, leaving a thick tan ring around the inside edge of the glass.


Last Buffalo in the Park is full of coconut on the nose mixed with the barrel. It smells sweet and decadent. I don’t get much coffee aroma, only sweetness, which is not a bad thing. I love sweet stouts and, if you’ve been following along, how Funky Buddha does barrel aging. So this is a good thing.

Funky Buddha took their Last Snow porter and barrel aged it, which basically turned it into a sweet stout (porter!) monster at 11.5%. There’s a ton of vanilla on the tongue at first and then some barrel sweetness. There’s a plenty of sweet coconut in the middle before giving way to coffee on the back end. It’s a thick beer, almost too thick to be a porter. However, Funky Buddha calls it an Imperial Porter, but it tastes like a stout.

Damn, this is a tasty beer. There is that normal bourbon burn on the back end, but it’s worth it. The barrel aging is perfect. Once again Funky Buddha does barrel aging so well that the barrel only accents the beer’s original flavor. The barrel doesn’t overshadow the coconut or the coffee, which I enjoy. I’ve loved every variant of this beer, but this is the normal version that Funky Buddha releases every year, and it’s still amazing.


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  11.5%
  • IBU:  40
  • Untappd Rating:  4.47
  • # of Ratings:  16,233

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