Save Some Room For Later by Funky Buddha Brewing

I love chocolate. So, anytime I get to try a beer that proclaims to simulate chocolate, then I immediately say yes. I recently wrote a post about the Angry Chair Chocolate Cupcake Stout. I felt like it was basically the liquid version of my father-in-law’s chocolate cake, which is absolutely amazing. It was really spot on. Comparing that beer to Save Some Room For Later is slightly unfair. This is a brown ale that is like German Chocolate cake and and not a stout that tastes like a decadent chocolate cupcake.

IMG_1256Funky Buddha describes Save Some Room For Later as a “German Chocolate cake-inspired ale [that] celebrates the spirit of imagination and invention that’s at the heart of our beer factory. Layers of creamy chocolate and sweet coconut flow like a river into this double brown ale.”

Save Some Room For Later pours coffee black with a thick khaki head that dissipates to nothing. Swirling the beer in the tulip reactivates the carbonation momentarily, leaving only a thin tan ring around the inside edge of the glass. There’s no lacing in the glass as it goes down.

On the nose, there’s a ton of coconut and slight notes of vanilla and sweet chocolate. Save Some Room For Later has a thin mouth feel. It is a brown ale, after all.

There’s dark chocolate on the tongue at first before a blast of coconut on the backend. It’s sweet in the middle. What a blast of flavors! This is a real easy drinking beer for 8.8%.  Dark chocolate, sweet chocolate and coconut. Damn, that’s tasty. I wish it was thicker, but again, it is a brown ale so I shouldn’t expect it to be viscous. I liked the BA version better, but this is a quality beer from Funky Buddha.


Beer Stats

  • ABV: 8.8%
  • IBU: 40
  • Untappd Rating: 4.02
  • # of Ratings:  2,793

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One thought on “Save Some Room For Later by Funky Buddha Brewing

  1. Great review. I love Funky Buddha, and I loved how used Untappd into your rating system at the end. I do the same for my beer blog. This was a fun read.

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