Peanut Butter Pieces by 450 North Brewing

It was 82 degrees today in Tampa. Damn. I talked to a buddy of mine, who still lives in Illinois, and it was 32 there. I can do that math, that’s a 50-degree difference. Holy craphole. That’s why I left Illinois. I hate winter. It’s midnight here in Tampa. My wife and I spent the day walking at Armature Works, which was really nice and then drinking at Hidden Springs Aleworks, Garagiste Meadery, and Angry Chair Brewing. I shared a few of my 450 North beers with our new friend, Jay, and this was one of them.

IMG_1197Peanut Butter Pieces (PBP) pours an opaque black with a thin khaki head that dissipates quickly to nothing. No lacing in the glass at all. Aroma is all peanut butter. It’s pleasant because I absolutely love peanut butter. I’ve had several peanut butter stouts in my time so how does this one stack up?

PBP has a thin mouthfeel, which is unfortunate but seems to be a trend with 450 stouts. I don’t get much peanut butter on the tongue unfortunately. The taste is mostly chocolate, bitter dark chocolate. There’s a hint of peanut butter but it tastes artificial. Supposedly this beer used actual Reese’s Pieces in this, but wow, I’m not getting that at all. I’ve had four stouts from 450 North and haven’t really been crazy about any of them. Cookies ‘n Cream was probably the best of the four, and that’s not saying much. I find it interesting to see the Beer Instagrammers giving 450 North all this love for these stouts that are more mediocre than anything. But hey, this is just an opinion, right? And everyone has one so for what it’s worth, that’s mine. If you’re in the mood for a peanut butter and chocolate stout, there are many better alternatives than this one.

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  8%
  • Untappd Rating:  4.07
  • # of Ratings:  684

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