V. Fudge w/ Strawberries by Bearded Iris Brewing

Finally! I’ve been drooling over pics of V. Fudge since my buddy Niles turned me on to Bearded Iris at a bottle/can share in September. I’ve had three other stouts from Bearded Iris that I’ve previously written about: V. Latte – Gitwe, V. Latte – Los Vascos, and Moon Dust. I pretty much liked them all so far, but I’ve been particularly interested in this beer. However, when my wife unexpectedly stopped in on her way back to Illinois for Christmas she picked this up. This is actually a variant of the original V. Fudge, hence the added strawberries. How does this oatmeal stout stack up against the two coffee stouts and the moon pie beer? Let’s see!!

Bearded Iris describes V. Fudge w/ Strawberries as: “Like biting into the mouthwatering decadence of a chocolate covered strawberry, this batch of V. Fudge melds Olive and Sinclair cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and lactose with an extravagant amount of strawberry purée.”

IMG_1116V. Fudge w/ Strawberries pours like dark coffee with a thin caramel head that vanishes quickly to nothing. Swirling the beer in the tulip does nothing to reactivate the head carbonation. It has some slight coffee notes on the nose with a touch of dark chocolate. It smells like a standard oatmeal stout. Maybe there’s a hint of fruit on the nose, but as I’ve written before, I have terrible sinuses so it’s hard to say.

This is a medium-bodied beer with similar mouthfeel to the other stouts I’ve tried by Bearded Iris. They do add lactose to the stouts I’ve had, which makes it creamy but the beer still isn’t as thick as I’d like. Geez, I’m such a snob. This beer is very strawberry-forward. In fact, the strawberry is prevalent all the way through. There are underlying notes of chocolate and slight hints of coffee. I don’t get much vanilla from this unfortunately.

Bearded Iris makes good stouts, and this is another good one. It’s not super fantastic great, but it’s pretty good. Once again, my wife comes through and hooks me up. She’s the best.

This post won’t be live until later in January, but by the time you read this I’ll finally be in Tampa. It’s been four months since my wife took a job in Tampa, and I stayed behind to sell the house. Now that it’s done, I’m beyond ready to get going. I look forward to many weekends spent hanging in the Florida sun taking up space at breweries! 🙂


Beer Stats

  • ABV:  9.5%
  • Untappd Rating:  4.14
  • # of Ratings:  600

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