BA Coffee Shop Vibes (2017) by Shared Brewing

If there’s any downside to living in Tampa it’s that I’m 16 hours away from St. Louis beer. They have some of the best stouts in the business: Abraxas, Sump, Derivation, B:B:T, and Madagascar, just to name a few. Shared Brewing makes a good one as well called Coffee Shop Vibes. I’ve never had it. It’s release has always been a bit of a problem coinciding with my schedule. Finally after a couple years of falling short of finding this beer I got to try the barrel aged version on site at the Side Project Cellar.

IMG_0930Barrel Aged Coffee Shop Vibes is a Russian Imperial Stout that was aged in Bourbon barrels for one year before being infused with Sump Costa Rican Las Lajas Coffee. This beer pours like liquid night with a dark caramel head that leaves some nice dark lacing in the glass. Swirling the beer in the glass activates that sexy carbonation for a brief moment.

Aromas of dark fruit, chocolate and a hint of bourbon. I like that the bourbon isn’t in your face but instead compliments the beer. This is how I like my barrel aged beer and more breweries should take notice.



This is a full-bodied beer, thick and viscous in the mouth with a nice dark fig sweetness. There’s a ton of sweet chocolate mixed with the bourbon, creating a sugary luscious taste on the tongue. It finishes with dark chocolate and coffee, a nice clean bitterness.

This beer is amazing. It’s nearly the perfect barrel aged beer, sweet and bitter at the same time. So good. It’s heavy as hell at 13% and it drinks like it. It’s decadent and sticky and I want to drink every drop. This beer is a year old at this point and it’s still amazing. Well done, Shared, well done. Someone needs to mule this beer for me. I will trade Florida beer for this to keep my fix going for St. Louis stouts. Cheers!

Beer Stats

  • ABV: 13%
  • Untappd Rating: 4.67

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