Two Pump Chump by Angry Chair Brewing

So…this may be one of best beer names ever. I don’t even like saying it at the bar when I order a pint. 🙂  I’m curious if there’s a story behind this name, other than what’s listed in the Urban dictionary. I’ve often wondered how breweries come up with beer names. And then when something like this comes along, you REALLY wonder.

As usual, my wife was kind enough to get me a crowler of this before I came down at the beginning of November so I could share it with my buddy Niles, which we did last night at our bottle share. So, let’s jump in and see if this lives up to the Angry Chair hype.

img_0822Two Pump Chump pours a Coca Cola brown with a thin tan head that dissipates to nothing. Aroma is straight up hazelnut with a hint of coffee. This beer is thin, like surprisingly thin compared to other Angry Chair dark beers. I know it’s a low ABV porter, but it has an unusually thin mouthfeel.

On the tongue this beer is full on hazelnut. It’s tasty. There’s some coffee on the back end but it’s mostly hazelnut. This is an easy drinking porter that I could drink all night long. Angry Chair does it again. This is solid, nothing earth shattering, but solid. I’m still intrigued by the origin of the name, which cracks me up. Anyone else know why Angry Chair would name it this? 🙂

Beer Stats

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Untappd Rating: 4.04

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