French Toast by Funky Buddha Brewing

The first time I had this beer was this past January at the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival. I had a lot of samples that day, and I remember loving this beer and thinking it tasted exactly like french toast. So, after Funky Buddha released it again for this year, I took a drive down to Ft. Lauderdale recently to get a 4-pack and see if my memory is any good.

IMG_0776French Toast is a double brown ale brewed with cinnamon, maple syrup and natural flavors. It pours a nearly translucent dark brown with a thin off-white head that dissipates quickly leaving a thin ring around the inside of the glass. On the nose there are aromas of maple syrup and cinnamon. It’s very nice. It’s not quite the aroma of french toast, but it’s pretty darn close.

This is a medium-bodied beer that’s very sweet on the palate. Maple syrup kicks it off and the cinnamon finishes nicely. It’s very reminiscent of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, but the cinnamon makes it just slightly different. As this beer warms, the cinnamon becomes more prevalent giving this more of a french toast vibe. This is a tasty brown ale, but it’s not how I remembered it. However, I had drank several beers when I had this at the MBCP Festival, so I’m sure that fact is clouding my judgement. Regardless, I like this one. Just let it warm so all the flavors come alive.

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  8.8%
  • IBU:  35
  • Untappd Rating:  4.19

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