Popinski and Peanut Butter Marshallow Popinski by Angry Chair Brewing

If you’ve been following along with this beer blog, then you’re going to see an influx of south Florida beer reviews. That’s because I’m spending the week in Florida as my house goes into the final stages of selling. So, what do I do? I drink dark beer and write cool words about it.  🙂

I’m at Angry Chair (again!) as I execute a beer trade with another Florida native I found via Instagram. Matt’s an awesome dude and we’re both on the Angry Chair bandwagon and trying their Popinski Russian Imperial Stout and the variant, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Popinski.  So I thought I’d review them both at the same time. I’m only doing 5 oz. tasters of these so let’s hope they last long enough for me to review them.

Popinski and Marshmallow and Peanut Butter Popinski
Popinski (left) with Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Popinski

Both beers pour dark brown but the variant actually had a dark tan head that lasted longer than the regular Popinski. The base version of Popinski is quite roasty on the nose. It’s a basic Russian Imperial Stout. It’s slightly sweet yet roasty and bitter in the mouth with a medium-bodied mouthfeel. It’s good. Is it great or mind-blowing? No.

The variant is damn good. This beer has marshmallow and peanut butter. The aroma is very similar to Moon Butter. It’s full-bodied and thicker than the base version of Popinski. The marshmallow is overpowered by the peanut butter so it’s way more subtle. These are probably the first stouts I’ve had from Angry Chair that didn’t make me want to shout from the rooftops. Don’t get me wrong, these two beers are really good. They’re just not super fantastic excellent mind-blowing types of beers.  🙂  Keep in mind I only had 5 oz tasters. I find that I like to write and drink at the same time and these two did disappear quickly so that’s a good thing. They’re very drinkable. But the wife and I were on a mission this day so we didn’t have much time to spend hanging at the brewery or enjoy full pours.

Would I try them again? Absolutely. They’re good beers. Would I stand in line at a beer release for five hours to get them? Hell, I’m too old to stand in line five hours for a beer so, no. But if you like stouts (and if you don’t, then why the hell are you here?), then you will enjoy these as I did.

Beer Stats

  • ABV of Popinski: 10.2%
  • ABV of PBM Popinski: 4.14
  • Untappd Rating of Popinski: 10%
  • Untappd Rating of PBM Popinski: 4.45

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