Sometimes You Don’t by Arkane Aleworks

I’m down in Florida for the week and my awesome wife and I are making some brewery rounds today. We ended up at Arkane Aleworks in Largo, FL. These guys have their sour game on. But I’m drinking a sweet stout because that’s how I roll!

This brewery is literally in a strip mall next to a fitness place. Ha! I love it! Work out and then go drink beer. Or drink beer and then go work out. Ok, maybe not in that order. That could end badly. We came for a can release called Mojito Mo Problems, which is a sexy looking boysenberry sour ale. And of course, I go straight for the stouts. So let’s jump in!

IMG_0650Sometimes You Don’t is (surprise!) an imperial sweet stout inspired by a Mounds bar. It’s made with Pinellas Chocolate Company cacao nibs and real coconut. I reviewed a beer previously that used Pinellas Chocolate called Eat Your Coco Nibs from 7venth Sun and it was fabulous. Well, apparently I need to get a hold of some of this chocolate because this beer is equally yummy.

Sometimes You Don’t pours deep brown with a slight tan head. It’s a heavy beer and the head goes away quickly. So much sweet chocolate on the nose with a hint of coconut. It’s a medium-bodied beer. Chocolate explosion on the tongue with some coconut for good measure. Good grief, this beer rivals Last Snow easily. My wife thinks it’s better, which I feel is sacrilege. This beer is a liquid Mounds bar. Holy chocolate in a glass, Batman, but this is really good! Have I mentioned that the Florida beer scene could bankrupt me? My understanding is this beer was brewed for their Halloween party so it’s extremely limited. Well, good thing probably. I may end up with diabetes if I drank this too much. Whew…ok, I need to go work out now…

Beer Stats

  • ABV: 10%
  • Untappd Rating: 4.04

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