Chocolate Cupcake Stout by Angry Chair Brewing

If you’ve been following along on this blog of beer ramblings, you’ll have realized by now I’m a HUGE fan of sweet stouts. You probably also know that I’m living in two different states, which blows. Currently I’m sitting in my apartment in Tampa with my beautiful wife, and we just cracked this bad boy open. She’s a regular at Angry Chair by now and got this for me (cuz she’s the best wife ever!) when she was there a couple weeks back. Oh my…let me tell you, son. This is something.

Chocolate Cupcake Stout pours black as night with a beautiful tan head. The head dissipates quickly and leaves a nice tan ring around the edge of the glass. Swirling the beer around leaves an oily film in the glass, activating the head again. It looks amazing. On the nose, this beer is slightly nutty with a ton of chocolate notes. I can’t get over how much this thing smells like a chocolate cupcake. Holy craphole!

IMG_0643This beer is full bodied. It’s so thick, like chocolate syrup. It’s rich and sweet sweet SWEET! This beer won’t be for everyone. It’s ridiculously rich with a tractor trailer full of chocolate fudge. I’ve had plenty of sweet stouts in my day, but I’m afraid this one might give me diabetes! Chocolate Cupcake Stout is a holy hell sweet stout! I feel like I’m overkill on the exclamation points. 🙂

My father-in-law is a retired police chief. He’s a straight up awesome dude, and I love him to pieces. What’s interesting about him is that he’s a helluva baker. You don’t see that a lot. His chocolate cake is so rich and decadent that I’ve never had one better. Well, let me tell you, Angry Chair has just replicated Rick’s famous chocolate cake. Straight up. That’s what this beer is. It’s the liquid form of my father-in-law’s chocolate cake. Oh boy. These guys are magicians. I already had crazy respect for the few stouts I’ve had from Angry Chair, but this one takes the cake (pun intended!). I wish I had this in bottles so I could share this with Niles and my IT guys back home in Illinois. This beer is simply amazing.

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  8%
  • Untappd Rating:  4.49

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