Imperial Grind Coffee Stout by Mother’s Brewing

Mother’s Brewing, from Springfield, Missouri, opened their doors in 2011. They’ve only been on my radar for a couple years now because they’re quite a ways west of St. Louis, and they’ve only recently started to distribute this way toward Illinois. According to Untappd, I’ve only had a handful of beers from this brewery, and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t cared much for them.

The first beer I had was Three Blind Mice, a 5.5% brown ale. I didn’t care for it. That was in 2016 and tastes change so maybe I’ll give it a shot again sometime. I’ve had a pale ale called Trop Top and I thought it was decent (or I was just in a good mood when I drank it). If you follow my Instagram, (and if you’re not, for shame!), I drank a Sunshine Chugsuckle recently and it was a fantastic New England IPA.  I also recently did a bottle share with some co-workers of a $17 bottle of Scotch barrel aged MILF. I hated it. I’ve heard a ton about Mother’s MILF, which is supposed to be a fantastic beer. Unfortunately, I’ve only had this terrible BA version. It was nasty, like what I imagine a used condom would taste like. Get the picture? It was an unfortunate drain pour. I decided not even to do a review of it since I’d rather try the original version, which is highly revered in the area. I’d love to try regular MILF (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?), but I’m never able to catch it in stores. So, I’ll either have to go to the brewery or hope to trade for it when I get to Florida. Any one in Missouri interested in swapping one?

IMG_0591The nearest decent craft beer liquor store is 30 minutes away from my house in Illinois. Recently I was up there getting some things for my house at Menards so naturally I stopped by the liquor store to see if they had anything worth trying. I was surprised to find the beer I’m reviewing tonight from Mother’s Brewing called Imperial Grind Coffee Stout. So let’s jump into this one and see if it redeems some of the beers I’ve had by this brewery.

Imperial Grind is a big beer. It pours like chocolate syrup, deep brown and thick in the glass. It creates a slight dark caramel head that dissipates quickly and leaves a thin ring around the outside of the glass. Swirling the beer in the glass, leaves a slick film, like oil. It’s a heavy beer, thick and viscous in the mouth. It’s a full-bodied monster. Coffee on the nose with some strange savory notes with a hint of dark fruit.

Mother’s says this beer “starts with a robust and subtly sweet imperial stout. In the fermentation tanks, we add freshly roasted and ground espresso blended beans.” They add cold brew coffee, blended just prior to bottling, and it tastes like it. This is a coffee beast of a beer. It is a lot sweeter than The Devil’s Invention. So much coffee on the tongue with some interesting dark fruit sweetness. This is a damn fine coffee stout. Finally, a dark beer from Mother’s I can get behind. I’m still searching for MILF, so if anyone wants to trade a fresh bottle, hit me up on Instagram or shoot me an email here.

Beer Stats:

  • ABV:  10.5%
  • IBU:  45
  • Untappd Rating:  4.21

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