Lucky Landing (Nitro) by Angry Chair Brewing

Have I mentioned that I’m in the process of moving to Tampa, Florida? If you’ve been reading along, you know I’ve become obsessed with Angry Chair Brewing since I discovered them. My first trip to Angry Chair was in early August when my wife and I were down looking for a place to live. I had learned of them a week before when I was researching breweries on the train to Chicago for a work conference. I thought their stouts sounded amazing so I was instantly hooked.

However, on that first fateful trip to Angry Chair, they had no stouts on tap (sad, yes, I know) but this beer I’m reviewing was the next best thing. Let me start by saying I’m a HUGE fan of nitro beers. I love the mouth feel, the creaminess of nitro beers. So without further ado, I give you Lucky Landing on Nitro.

Lucky Landing (Nitro)Angry Chair Brewing is well known for their stouts, but they make excellent quality beers all around, as far as I’m concerned. Lucky Landing is another excellent beer from this tiny brewery. It’s a robust nitro porter so there are expectations, and they hit them square on the head. Lucky Landing pours as dark as a thick stout with a nice velvety, nitro-induced khaki head. It’s got some roasted malt on the nose, smells slightly bitter. It’s so creamy in the mouth, thick with a funky coffee bitterness on the back end. It’s hard not to compare this to Guinness because it’s similar. However, this is a porter and Guinness is labeled as a stout, but Lucky Landing drinks like a stout. This is an amazing beer. Angry Chair also has a more potent porter called Fionn, which my wonderful wife has tasted, and she LOVED it. She really enjoyed Lucky Landing as well. Angry Chair does NOT disappoint. This is a porter lovers’ dream. If you get a chance, check this one out!

Beer Stats

  • ABV:  5.7%
  • IBU:  30
  • Untappd Rating:  3.71

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