Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (2018) by Funky Buddha Brewery

In January of this year, my wife and I made the trip from southern Illinois to Oakland Park, Florida to attend the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival at the Funky Buddha Brewery. Rather than fly, we drove 19 hours for this beer festival because it’s currently my wife’s favorite brew, and we planned on bringing back two cases. Plus, we were able to purchase bottles of the Last Buffalo in the Park variants. We only got to buy two of the three variants, but we did have them all on tap. But that’s a whole other story.

IMG_20181008_184940The Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival is one helluva beer fest. Food trucks and breweries from all over the country attend. However, the Funky Buddha semi trailer with about 30 or 40 taps of beer was a thing to behold (pic below). I apologize for not taking as many pics as I should have, but damn, we were busy trying all the delicious beer that Funky Buddha had to offer that day. They had several rare beers on tap and different yearly versions of Morning Wood as well as more beers I’d never heard of. We couldn’t try them all but we damn sure tried. I’ll add the list from Untappd at the end of this review just for fun. I’m fairly certain with us in the transition of moving to Tampa that we’ll be going to this festival again next year. We had such a good time and the weather was flat perfect for mid-January.

Onward! I know what you’re thinking. Let’s get on with the beer review, dummy!  Okay. So, the 2018 version of Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is a fabulous beer. The bottle I’m reviewing is nearly nine months old and on the label you’re encouraged to drink it fresh. IMG_20181008_185908Well, damn, that’s a problem. I bought two cases of this and we just don’t drink stuff very quickly. Hindsight, I guess.

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter pours dark brown with a nice thick tan head. I let it dissipate before filling the tulip to the rim. Maple on the nose, and you can smell the stickiness of the syrup. Even nine months later the aroma from this beer is amazing. Even fresh, the coffee is not prevalent on the nose, only the maple. There’s a slight hint of smoke on the nose, even at this age, which is surprising. This beer is medium-bodied, with a bit of zingy carbonation on the tongue. The maple is huge and out front and after it slides down your gullet, the coffee bitterness hits your taste buds. So good.

The beer stats:  6.4% ABV and 35 IBU. It’s a porter, but not your average porter. This beast has a ton of flavor, and I would seriously drink this for breakfast if I was on the brink of rehab. It would be perfect with some flapjacks and a few slabs of nice, crispy bacon. Mmmm…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. I can’t wait to get back down to Florida and enjoy this offering next January. Hope to see you there! Cheers!

Untappd List from the 2018 Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival

  1. OP Porter by Funky Buddha (6.3% ABV – 35 IBU)
  2. Double Doc Brown by Funky Buddha (8% ABV – 35 IBU)
  3. Key Lime Pie Tart Ale by Funky Buddha  (5% ABV – 10 IBU)
  4. Hunahpu’s by Cigar City (10.2% – 80 IBU)
  5. Cold Brew Coffe Lager by Copperpoint (5% ABV – 18 IBU)
  6. Ba Cubano Coxness Monster by Copperpoint (11% ABV)
  7. Ginger Snap Imperial Brown by Due South (7.7% ABV)
  8. Café Deth by Revolution (14.8% ABV – 30 IBU)
  9. Devil’s Haircut by Funky Buddha (7% ABV – 28 IBU)
  10. Dread Pirate Roberts by Funky Buddha (9% ABV – 45 IBU)
  11. French Toast by Funky Buddha (8.8% ABV – 35 IBU)
  12. Morning Wood by Funky Buddha (13% ABV – 50 IBU)
  13. Mexican Coffee by Funky Buddha (11.3% ABV – 45 IBU)
  14. Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged Nikolai Vorlauf by Funky Buddha (10% ABV – 45 IBU)
  15. Hansel by Funky Buddha (5.5% ABV – 60 IBU)
  16. Juicing Room by Funky Buddha (9.5% ABV – 45 IBU)
  17. Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (2018) by Funky Buddha (6.4% ABV)
  18. Strawberry Hop Gun by Funky Buddha (7% ABV – 60 IBU)
  19. No Crusts by Funky Buddha (6.4% ABV – 36 IBU)
  20. Rum Barrel Aged Piña Colada by Funky Buddha (12% ABV – 20 IBU)
  21. Even More Nuts by J. Wakefield (14% ABV – 30 IBU)
  22. Sex and Candy by 18th Street (7.5% ABV)
  23. Project Popsicle by 7venth Sun (6.5% ABV)
  24. Cinnamilk Cream Ale by Devour (5% – 15 IBU)
  25. Christmas Morning by Hardywood Park (9.2% ABV – 55 IBU)
  26. Star Ruby by Orchid Island (8.5% ABV – 69 IBU)

Wow, that looks nearly like I may have an alcohol problem!

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