Hairy Mountain Stout by Old Bakery Beer Company

The Old Bakery Beer Company from Alton, Illinois is a cool brewery in a part of the Midwest United States that is seemingly unknown to anyone outside the area.

Alton, Illinois is a budding tourist area just across the river from St. Louis. On this night, my brother-in-law and I went to Old Bakery to watch the end of the St. Louis Blues hockey game. The Blues lost in OT to the Blackhawks. I would find this sad if I wasn’t converting to be a Lightning fan.

IMG_20181006_212629Old Bakery is a large industrial-looking building that takes up half a city block. The brewery sports three year round beers and 13 seasonal beers on tap. For this review, I chose the Hairy Mountain Stout, a 6.3% ABV, 35 IBU mint stout made in collaboration with The Nature Institute. This stout contains locally foraged Hairy Mountain Mint and Chocolate Mint from Earthdance Farms located in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hairy Mountain Stout pours deep brown with a thick, khaki-colored head. Straight up mint on the nose. This stout is thin-bodied with a ton of mint on the tongue. The only chocolate tasted here is bitter dark chocolate, which makes the after taste a bitter coffee, borderline cigarette ash on the tongue as it goes down the throat.

I would have liked to taste more creamy, sweet chocolate but they can’t all be 17 by Perennial, can they? I enjoyed my time at the Old Bakery Beer Company and would recommend if you’re in the area.

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