Insulin Resistance by Angry Chair Brewing

On a recent trip to Tampa, I got the pleasure of trying three stouts at the Angry Chair Brewery, and this is the second one to receive a review. I released the first one for Moon Butter. I really enjoyed that one so how did this beer stack up? Let’s get to it.

Insulin Resistance is an 11.1% ABV monster of a beer with a shit ton of flavors. I did a couple reviews last week that I called campfire beers. Remember Camp Waconda and Smore Money Smore Problems were both brewed to give that taste/feel of being around a campfire, minus the smoke and fire. Insulin Resistance (what a great name for a beer!) is listed as an imperial sweet stout with cacao, coffee, caramel, vanilla and marshmallow. Yes, I just listed vanilla AND marshmallow! Did I mention this was perfectly named? This is somewhat similar to those other two beers, only bigger, bolder and beefed up on steroids.

Insulin Resistance by Angry Chair BrewingThis beer pours like ink in a glass with a nice dark tan head. Aroma is sweet with tons of marshmallow and chocolate. You can smell the diabetes on this one! The head dissipates to nothing but a slight, thin tan ring around the edge of the glass. On the tongue, sweet chocolate hits your taste buds at first and then the flood of marshmallow and caramel. The vanilla is underneath and just so subtle. It kinda gets lost amidst the marshmallow, which is very prevalent. The aftertaste is coffee, caramel, and marshmallow with the coffee lingering into a pleasant bitterness. Damn, this beer is sweet…and bitter. Oxymoron, right? This is the ultimate campfire beer. If you don’t like a sweet beer, you will not like this one.

My beautiful wife was kind enough to get me a crowler of this in mid-September (which is how I’m reviewing this now) and I couldn’t wait to get this in my mouth. However, I was lucky enough to get it on tap as well and this beer did not disappoint. I will say this beer is not for everyone. As I mentioned above, it’s a sweet stout. I’ve had sweet stouts that weren’t so sweet, but Insulin Resistance personifies sweet stout. My wife loved it but thought it was too sweet for her palate. Of course, this comes from the Queen of IPA’s. Damn, Angry Chair knows their stouts. I’m so excited to be moving to Tampa so I can get up close and personal with these guys…well that came out weird but, yeah, I can get behind that. Cheers!

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