Moon Butter by Angry Chair Brewing

So I’m in Tampa, Florida as I’m slowly in the process of moving here. My wife, who is way smarter than me, is already in Tampa at her new job. It’s Friday and I had a quick bite of lunch and thought I’d hit up Angry Chair Brewing since they didn’t have any stouts the last time I was here, which was a couple months ago.

aviary-image-1538151108568Well, amazingly enough, they were releasing this beer in bottles when I got there. The bartender told me it was a silent release and word of mouth is strong with this brewery because the overflow lot was full at 12:15 on a Friday afternoon. I love this place. It’s small, intimate. The staff are friendly, and they specialize in the type of stouts I like to drink, which is a huge plus for me.

Moon Butter is an Imperial Sweet Stout with chocolate and peanut butter. It clocks in at 10.5% ABV and pours dark with a thin, dark caramel head. Peanut Butter on the nose but it smells slightly artificial. Body is nice and thick. Sweet chocolate mixed with the bitterness of peanuts on the tongue. It’s luscious and decadent. I like the taste better than the aroma. I will say this beer goes down way too easy. My wife is going to love this one. It’s strong on the peanut butter and less so on chocolate but it’s a nice mix. This is my first foray into Angry Chair stouts and I’m looking forward to many more.

Update: I took the wife the next night, and as expected, she loved this beer. I was able to score two bottles during the silent release, and I can’t wait to try this beer again.

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