Smore Money Smore Problems by Pipeworks Brewing

I’ve already reviewed a Pipeworks beer when I reviewed Hyper Dog. I loved it. So, I was eager to try another Pipeworks stout. Enter Smore Money Smore Problems, a 10% ABV imperial stout brewed with graham crackers, cacao nibs, and vanilla.

This is basically a campfire beer, or a beer that simulates the aromas and tastes of s’mores at a campfire. Last week, I reviewed a beer by Triptych Brewing called Remember Camp Waconda that was also a campfire stout. That beer was slightly lighter and brewed with marshmallows and vanilla beans. It had some nice flavors, so how does Smore Money Smore Problems stack up?

IMG_20180925_201405Smore Money Smore Problems has a lot going on. There’s marshmallow on the nose, almost burnt marshmallow, like charred marshmallow on a stick. It’s an interesting aroma and very pleasing. Out of the bottle, it creates a dark caramel-colored head that dissipates into a slight ring around the outer walls of the glass. The body is medium-thick, not chewy but silky. As the beer warms, the marshmallow aroma is pronounced and almost too much. Dark chocolate initially mixes with marshmallow on the tongue. There’s some dark chocolate bitterness on the back end with a hint of graham cracker sweetness. So many interesting flavors in this beer. It’s a joy to drink. I wouldn’t drink this all year round, but the fall season really sits perfectly with this one. Man, I can’t believe I just said that. Every Season is Stout Season, but maybe not for campfire beers. Pipeworks has another winner.

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