Imperial Pajamas by Begyle Brewing

On a recent business trip to Chicago, I had the opportunity to check out some smaller micro breweries that I was unfamiliar with. One of my colleague’s best friends is a bartender on the northwest side and we did a brewery crawl one evening and ended up at this little brewery named Begyle.

Begyle Brewing is a tiny little brewery located in the Ravenswood Industrial Cooridor. We had just visited Dovetail Brewery and Begyle is just a couple blocks down the street. The taproom is tiny, like half a dozen tables, and this place was packed for a Thursday night. Their website touts Begyle as “a community supported brewing company.” I can see why. This is an excellent place to come hang out and drink a beer or two after work. And I suspect I would do it every day. It’s probably a good thing cold weather doesn’t agree with me because this place was so intimate and the staff was so accommodating and friendly. I instantly became a fan. I only drank a nitro porter (review coming soon) but tonight as I sit here and watch my beloved Toronto Blue Jays try to come back in the next to last series of the season against the world champion Astros, I’ve decided to open this bottle.

IMG_20180924_193333Imperial Pajamas is touted as a coffee imperial oatmeal stout. This beer clocks in at 10.2% ABV. I just reviewed a similar beer this week from Bearded Iris, and I was a big fan of that one. So, what about this one? Well this beer pours deep brown, almost inky black with a thin caramel-colored head. There seems to be a ton of carbonation in this one, but there’s silky chocolate on the nose and a slight boozy sweetness. There’s very little lacing in the glass and after half of a tulip, I’m starting to feel it. I wish this beer was a tad thicker, but they can’t all be pastry stouts, can they?

On the side of the bottle Begyle states, “We take our oatmeal stout recipe, double the grain, and add locally roasted Ipsento Wildfire espresso. The result is an imperial stout with an oatmeal fullness and big, bold chocolate and coffee aromas and flavors.” Well, I tend to agree. This is a damn fine beer with a huge coffee after taste. It’s sweet on the front end with chocolate and a ton of coffee. I like the hell out of this beer. If you make it to Chicago, seek out Begyle. You won’t be disappointed.

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