Remember Camp Waconda by Triptych Brewing

There are so many micro breweries producing high quality, hazy, New England-style IPA’s. I’ve even been lucky to have a few of them. But when you discover one in your own backyard, well then, that’s a special treat. Triptych Brewing from Savoy, IL has been making waves recently with their juicy NE IPA’s and Pale Ales. A friend of mine, who is a home brewer, turned me on to these guys, and I’m so glad he did. Their hazy beers are phenomenal. So, that begs the question…how good are their dark beers?

IMG_20180923_194449Remember Camp Waconda is labeled on the Triptych can as “A Strong Stout featuring marshmallows and vanilla beans.” This beer is slightly heavy at 8.2% ABV and sports a thin caramel-colored head that leaves some slight sticky lacing in the glass. As you can see from the pic to the left, this beer pours a deep brown. It has marshmallow and sweet chocolate on the nose. The warmer it gets, the more the sweetness is enhanced.

This is a creamy stout with a lot of dark chocolate on the tongue that’s slightly smoky, like a campfire. That’s a nice touch by Triptych. There’s a slight vanilla after taste as the beer slides down your throat. This is a solid stout that puts forth some interesting flavors. This is not the first campfire beer, but it’s a quality one. Remember Camp Waconda continues my obsession with this brewery, and I look forward to seeing what else they put forward.

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