Sump Coffee Stout by Perennial Artisan Ales

I know we’ve been hitting St. Louis hard in the last week, with the exception of yesterday’s look at Dark Star by 450 North. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t hit St. Louis and not talk about Perennial Artisan Ales.

Perennial was born in September 2011 and resides on the south side about five miles from downtown. The brewery and taproom are essentially sharing real estate with an apartment building, which creates an interesting vibe when the parking lot mingles beer patrons with residents. Perennial recently expanded their brewery, which allows them to create even more small batch, hand-crafted beers for our drinking pleasure.

aviary-image-1530918633426Sump Coffee Stout is an imperial coffee stout at a heavy 10% ABV and 60 IBU. This beer is brewed in collaboration with Sump Coffee, a local coffee roaster on the south side of St. Louis (and one of my favorites!). Every year the bean for this beer changes, which makes each year’s version slightly unique. They will also do variants based on other beans provided by Sump, which provide a slightly different flavor depending on the bean. This year’s version of Sump is brewed with Colombia Nariño Los Rosales beans.

So much coffee on the nose. This thick, viscous beer sports a slight, dark caramel head that dissipates quickly but can be re-ignited with a nice aggressive swirl. This beer is thick and chewy with loads of coffee and dark chocolate on the tongue. The 2018 version of Sump is slightly sweet on the front end and earthy, bitter, yet silky smooth on the back end. If you haven’t had it, you’re the poorer for it. This is one of the best coffee stouts there is. Perennial also offers a barrel aged version of Sump and during the season when it’s released you can find it on tap at the brewery.

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