Liquid Spiritual Delight by 2nd Shift Brewing

I love a good imperial stout, and St. Louis owns several of them. I’ve reviewed a few of them here and more are on the way. Liquid Spiritual Delight from 2nd Shift Brewing is one such stout. This beer comes in at a hefty 11.5% ABV. It has a medium-thick body with a slight caramel head. Notes of coffee and chocolate on the nose.

IMG_20180727_180939Liquid Spiritual Delight, or LSD for short, is roasty and bitter on the tongue. It looks beautiful in the glass (just look at it!) with a slight head leaving some nice lacing. The initial taste on the tongue is sweet but it then transitions to some pleasant coffee bitterness before ending with an earthy funkiness that I can’t put my finger on. Oatmeal maybe? It’s reminiscent of the finish on the Cat Spit Stout, but I can’t be sure. This is an extremely solid imperial stout. I preferred this easily over Cat Spit Stout, but they’re both darn good beers.

I have yet to catch any of the many LSD variants, but I would love to get hold of them. After trying this and enjoying it (my wife raved about it!), I’d like to snag a barrel aged version, one of the coffee versions, or even better the barrel aged version with coffee and vanilla. I’m a sucker for vanilla in my stouts and that combo sounds amazing. So, someone needs to hook me up! 🙂

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