Base Weight by Shared Brewing

Shared Brewing is a “collective of those who work for” Side Project Brewing out of Maplewood, MO, a suburb of St. Louis. Every beer geek has probably heard of Side Project, a brewery started by Cory King, who was at one time a brewer at Perennial Artisan Ales, and started Side Project as, you guessed it, a side project for further experimentation. Side Project is known for barrel aging. Every beer they create is aged in some sort of spirit barrel. Excellent niche, actually, and their beer is highly sought after since it’s not distributed anywhere except some limited cases to a local store called Wine & Cheese Place.

aviary-image-1531593377940Shared Brewing is an interesting concept. King is basically mentoring current brewers with Side Project on how to operate a brewery so they can achieve their dream of opening their own. I encourage you to read the blog post below, which explains this even further. I love the idea of giving back.

Now, I’ve had a few of Shared’s New England-style IPA’s and they’re really good. So I’m confident these guys know what they’re doing from a brewing perspective. Now on this day, I enjoyed this beer at the Side Project Brewery, which is only open on the weekend. Their other location, the Side Project Cellar, is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Base Weight is a robust porter that “weighs” (sorry!) in at 7% ABV. It’s a medium-bodied beer that leaves beautiful lacing in the glass. It’s very roasty, kind of like an oatmeal stout only better. Base Weight has some sweetness on the front end and coffee bitterness on the back end. I’ve had this out of a bottle as well, and it didn’t do that much for me. On tap is where this beer really shines. It’s a solid robust porter and makes me want to seek out their Russian imperial stout, Vibes, and it’s variants.

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