Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing

On the same Indiana guitar expo trip as mentioned in my Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro review, I also picked up the non-nitro version of Left Hand’s Milk Stout. While this version is good, and a perennial beer in Left Hand’s stable, to me, it’s just not as good as the nitro version. I love that mouthfeel of thickness like a decadent viscous chocolate in your mouth. I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate, which is most likely why I’m drawn to dark beers in the first place.

Left Hand Milk Stout has that dark chocolate bitterness with a hint of coffee as it warms. The mouthfeel is not as thick as the nitro version, which is why, to me, it disappoints slightly. However, I wanted to do both of these at the same time so you can get a sense for these two beers. The taste of these two versions is mostly the same, but the head on this beer dissipates quickly and leaves little to no lacing in the glass. This beer is nowhere near as creamy as the nitro version, for obvious reasons, but it’s still a quality dark beer. I find that I don’t drink it as fast as the nitro version, primarily because of the mouthfeel. There’s a lot of carbonation in the mouth, which enhances the bitterness. The colder this beer is the more metallic it tastes on the back end. As it warms, the flavors really come forward in a pleasant way.

I don’t find it as creamy as Left Hand believes it is, but it’s still a decent beer but the nitro version is far superior to this one.


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